How We Eat: Peaches and Mozzarella

Last night at dinner, the most delicious dish was listed on the menu: Peaches and burrata, on a slab of olive oil-drizzled toast.

This morning at the farmers’ market, I could not get the thought out of my mind: Peaches and mozzarella. With basil. Or mint? Sprinkled with lavender sea salt…? I decided to try to make it at home.


Turns out all of these options are absolutely delicious.


Especially with a drizzle of honey…


Next week I’ll start sharing some posts  from a trip I took to Amsterdam in July. I had a week to travel and decided to settle in to one city and get to know it really well. Amsterdam was a perfect place to get lost in thought and wander.

Stay tuned for bobbing gardens, mayonnaise-topped frites, a day trip to Belgium, and stroopwafel…


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