How We Eat: Frites

Wil Graanstra Friteshuis, next to the Anne Frank House, purportedly scoops up some of the best frites in Amsterdam. I decided to make a trip there myself, in order to fully investigate.

The man behind the counter told me that they have been in business since 1956, and that the shop is family run – it was owned by his father before him.


You can buy a small paper bag of frites for 2.50 euros, or a large one for 4 euros. For an extra .50, you can choose to top the frites with curry, relish, ketchup, or mayonnaise (as is the Dutch way). Right before squeezing a dollop of sauce on top, the man gives the frites a few good shakes of salt. I was feeling squeamish about the mayonnaise, so decided to buy two small bags, one with mayonnaise, and one with ketchup (just in case).

When I asked him whether he used any special techniques to turn out the perfect frite, he was coy, opting to dish out his philosophy, rather than his secrets: “You have to like it yourself, before you sell it.”

But, he added, it can’t hurt to use clean oil and good potatoes.


The freshly made fries were puffy, crispy, and soft. And I loved the mayonnaise (I devoured them before I could even take a picture). Lekker!


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