How We Make a Home: DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

Usually I don’t like the idea of an air freshener – I am more inclined to try to address the root cause of a smell than to cover it up – but, when our old house continued to give off a musty aroma, even after we pulled out and replaced all the sheetrock in the bathroom (which had mold), I was at a loss.

Then a friend told me about Thieves’ Oil. An essential oil composed of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary, Thieves’ Oil purportedly protected pickpockets from getting sick when they rifled through the clothes of dead bodies during the Black Plague. Current research supports the idea that Thieves’ Oil has antimicrobial properties. My friend, who has made it through several Minnesota winters without catching cold, by rubbing Thieves’ Oil on her feet, swears by it.

I loved the idea that if I diffused Thieves’ Oil into the air in my house, it would kill any potential mold in the air, in addition to making our home smell lovely.


Here is how I did it (recipe adopted from The Prairie Homestead):


A clean, empty glass jar (spice jars work great)

4-5 bamboo skewers (can be found at a local grocery or hardware store)

1/4 c. sweet almond oil

20-25 drops essential oil (I used Good Samaritan Oil, aka Thieves’ Oil)


Pour the almond oil into the jar

Add the essential oil

Slip the skewers into the jar, distribute evenly

Flip the skewers every few hours (this will promote the oil being drawn up the skewers and evaporating)

Here’s to breathing easy!


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