How We Eat: Frozen Persimmon

One of the many reasons why I love Fall is that it brings persimmons!

Usually I eat them fresh. Cut into slices, they are crisp like an apple, but with a subtler flavor.


A few years ago, flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks, however, I found that they can also be enjoyed frozen.

My friend Ji-Young and I tried the recipe last winter with hachiya persimmons (as the recipe calls for), and they made for a delicious one ingredient sorbet.

This time, I tried freezing fuyu persimmons, which I am more likely to have around the house.

I slipped one into the freezer before heading out for the day, and took it out in the evening when I returned home. After letting it sit to soften for about 5 minutes, I sliced it into segments.


The result – a delight! Frozen, the fuyu persimmon takes on a softer, pudding pop-like texture.

I will definitely be keeping more in my freezer this Fall for a healthy dessert or quick afternoon snack.

What is your favorite way to eat persimmon?



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