How We Eat: Hot Buttered Rum

Have you ever tasted hot buttered rum?

I tried it for the first time last weekend, and was immediately sold. It was like drinking liquid pumpkin pie – cinnamon, nutmeg – but with a kick. How I imagine an alcoholic butterbeer might taste.

Our waitress informed us that the chef whipped up a secret spiced butter recipe to prepare the cocktail, and that she used that special butter to bake cookies one night after the restaurant had closed… Can you imagine how amazing the kitchen must have smelled? Perfection.

Now I’m curious to try to make it at home! Anybody out there have a favorite recipe? What do you like to drink when it’s chilly out?


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  1. We are planning to try this while playing board games by the fire at our seaside Christmas retreat in a couple of days. Thanks for the inspiration.

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