Poised for Adventure: Solo in Paris

Shoshie Kupferman is traveling the world, solo. Her first stop, a gift to herself for graduating from a master’s program in Infant Mental Health, was Costa Rica . Since then, she has visited Israel, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and France. Over the next two months, she plans to make stops in Spain, Morocco, Greece, and wherever else the spirit moves her…She is chronicling her journey at Shosh Travels. Here, she shares her visit to Paris.


Bonjour! After about 2 months of traveling as a nanny, on a group trip, and with friends, I began my solo journey.  I arrived in Paris on Wednesday night with no idea of what lay ahead, where I might wander, nor whom I might meet.  Excitement was all I felt.  I met a group of kind strangers at the hostel and explored with them the following day. 

We walked a few short minutes up to the Sacre Coeur, a small yet beautiful cathedral up on a hill. 


Moulin Rouge was next. We passed by numerous sex shops on our way there and the building was on the side of a busy street. It almost blended in with the building around it, yet the bright red color and windmill made it stand out. 


After a few transfers through the large yet effective subway system, we made it to the Trocadero, which provided great views on our way to the Eiffel Tower. Hazy sky, yet unbelievably beautiful! 


On our way to the Notre Dam, we passed by a man handing out rice. Pigeons were swarming the area and although I usually do not gravitate towards mobs of pigeons, I decided that I had to..! You only live once right? 


The outside of the Louvre was our next stop. The beautiful tall building surrounded us and the pyramids were incredible. I decided against taking the usual picture pretending to pinch it from the top, but I got some amazing ones regardless. 


Prior to heading home, we stopped by L’arc de Triomphe, standing tall with the sun beginning to go down behind it. 


Overall, a pretty amazing first day in Paris, and a great start to my solo journey ahead!

Au revoir,



Thank you, Shoshie, for sharing your Parisian adventure with us! I am so excited for the rest of your travels, and look forward to hearing all about them at Shosh Travels. Bon Voyage!

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