Five Female Filmmakers

Accepting her well-deserved award for best supporting actress for the movie Boyhood at the Oscars this year, Patricia Arquette used her speech as an opportunity to speak out against the discrepancy between wages for men and women working in the film industry.

As I have mentioned before, however, women in the film industry are not only paid less, but are also dramatically underrepresented. For example, a report published last year found that only 10% of writers, 6% of directors, and 3% of cinematographers for the 250 top grossing films in 2013 were women.

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, and because I was so inspired by Allison’s interview last week, today I present to you films by five female filmmakers who are bucking this trend. Here’s to women making powerful work and demanding that their voices be heard.

1. Sarah Polley

2. Greta Gerwig

3. Anna Martemucci

4. Kara Herold

5. Sofia Coppola

Who did I leave out? Who are your favorite female filmmakers?

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