How We Celebrate: Advent

I did not grow up celebrating Christmas. But my husband did. And, if you haven’t noticed, I will take advantage of any and all opportunities to celebrate.

Perhaps this is why I am so captivated by the idea of Advent – it draws out a celebration for nearly an entire month! I love the idea of marking and looking forward to each day, of lingering anticipation…


Last year I decided it would be fun to have our own advent calendar. I found plenty of tutorials online, but the majority were for temporary advent calendars. I liked the idea of owning an advent calendar that we could take out and hang up year after year.

The advent calendars I found for sale seemed wildly expensive. Then, I came across some fabric with instructions…


I bought it, along with some batting and a cloth for the back, and then promptly stuffed it all in the bottom drawer of my file cabinet for a year.

I know nothing about sewing. I think maybe I stitched a tiny pillow in Home Economics in 6th grade. My mother failed the sewing unit in her own Home Economics course as a middle schooler, and I think maybe I was concerned that sewing skills were genetic…But, my husband was confident that we could do this project.

So, when November rolled around, we found a little local sewing studio where, for $10 an hour, you can sew to your heart’s content. They also provide thread, set up the machines, and offer heaps of encouragement and moral support.


We ironed, cut, pinned, and sewed.


And ended up with our very own advent calendar! I am over the moon.

over-the moon

Now we need to decide what to fill it with.

I couldn’t help myself, and bought a little chocolate almond candy and marzipan, but I also like the idea of filling the pockets with ideas as well as treats.


I’ve read about families filing each pocket with a favorite winter activity to do each day. Another idea I’ve come across is to incorporate giving back to the community, by including an act of service. I am also intrigued by the idea of using advent as an opportunity to count blessings, reflect on wishes, or exchange love notes…

What do you / would you put in your advent calendar?


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  1. Wow! I really loved this post 🙂 It’s pretty cool that there’s a place you can go sew! Who knew?! AND on a Hello Kitty sewing machine too?! I’ll have to check this place out.

    • They were pretty rad. When we visited, one woman was making a purse, another was sewing hearts onto a sweater, and two moms were making these incredible kimonos for their daughters. Also the owner has (and sometimes brings in) an Angora bunny 🙂

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