How We Live: As A Student In Paris

Left to my own devices, I would wander through a city for hours, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells.

Although I do have some travel plans brewing (more on that here), this is not always the case – most days I can’t just hop on a plane and explore a new place! To satiate my wanderlust in the interim, I have decided to start a new series in which women living all over the world share what they love most about the places they know. Who knows what hidden gems we will discover by learning about a new place through a local’s eyes?

Our first dispatch is from Jessica. Jessica is a graphic design student in Paris and the artist behind Wild Cherry Tree Studio. She writes about her work, and graphic design in general, over at the Wild Cherry Tree blog. Here she shares her ideal Saturday afternoon in Paris.


Even if I’m supposed to work five days out of seven, I actually feel like I’m working 24/7 so that’s why sometimes I need a break. Last Saturday that’s what I did. Paris is amazing in November, the leaves turn orange and yellow, the streets are a little bit more crowded, and most importantly the shops look incredible. We can feel Christmas coming and I am more than excited.


When I take some time off I love having brunch in a place called Le Pain Quotidien. I usually take some tea, croissants –this amazing French viennoiserie everyone should know of, eggs and fruits. It’s quite a lot but this way I have enough to keep going for the whole afternoon. If I love this place it’s simply because people are super nice and the food delicious.


Then I love spending time in the Jardin des Tuileries.


It’s quite big and you can easily find a lovely spot to sit and relax. I often take a book but sometimes I just love watching people around me. I think life is inspiring and seeing what other people do is always very interesting.


Before going home I have to walk past the Galeries Lafayette and it’s always a pleasure, mostly in this time of the year. Christmas windows are beautiful –they’ve decided to use colorful and fluffy monsters this year and let me tell you one thing, the children aren’t the only ones who love them.


You see this big Christmas tree upside down? I love it so much and it’s at Printemps.


Once I’m back from this lovely afternoon, I love drawing a little or being creative. Lately I found myself using brushes for a lot of things and I’m quite fond of the result.


Hope you liked this Saturday afternoon in my company. Have a beautiful day!


Thank you, Jessica, for offering us this sneak peak into your life in Paris! What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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