How We Live: Café Hopping in Vilnius

Ugne is the brain behind Ugne’s Beauty, a website specializing in natural and organic DIY beauty products. I was thrilled when she agreed to give us a tour of her town, not only because I admire her website, but also because she lives in Lithuania, a country I have always wanted to visit. I have great great grandparents on both sides of the family from the capital city there and am curious to retrace their footsteps. It turns out, Ugne lives in that very same city – Vilnius! Here, in the next installment of our series in which women living all over the world share what they love most about the places they know, she gives us a tour of the Old Town neighborhood – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of her favorite haunts in Vilnius.


We usually get really caught up in work and all sorts of worries, and forget about the simple yet wonderful things in life. For example: Having a calm walk outside without rushing to work, enjoying a piece of pie; not having to think about how long it is until the lunch break ends, or how many calories each bite has.

One of my favourite ways to unwind from everyday problems is to have a walk around the old town of Vilnius. It’s a truly spectacular place that I’d recommend everyone go to when they have a chance.


I love the narrow little streets that hide lots of hidden vintage boutiques, cosy coffee shops and antique bookshops. These are the real treasures of Vilnius – you just have to know where to look.


One of my favourite little coffee shops / bakeries is most certainly Stikliai, which translates into “glass-blowers” in English. Basically, Stikliai is a very beautiful hotel that owns a coffee shop/bakery called Poniu Laime (which translates into “the delight of the ladies”). I feel like this name gives the coffee shop a magical, medieval touch. And that’s what I love about it!


I love going there on a rainy day and having a piece of their Napoleon cake. It’s extremely sweet and extraordinarily savory! Make sure to enjoy every piece of it though – trust me, based on how delicious it is, you’ll eat it in no time and end up craving more!


Anyway, if you ever get to visit Vilnius, you should definitely have a walk around the little streets of the old town and try the wonderful Napoleon cake at the Stikliai-Poniu Laime coffee shop/bakery!

Thanks for reading!


Thank you, Ugne, for taking us on a tour of the Old Town of Vilnius. I hope to make it there one day – and try a bite of that Napoleon cake!

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