Bay Area Hikes: The Stonewall Panoramic Trail

After a month sprinkled with Birthdays, Galentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras (and, thus, macarons, cocoa, and king cake), I am feeling the need to get out and move a bit more.

In graduate school, I became a bit spoiled – the gym at my university overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Now I find it difficult to exercise staring at a wall. As a result, I am seeking walks in the Bay Area that also offer views. I will be chronicling my escapades with a new series: Bay Area Hikes.

First up is one of my favorite local hikes, the Stonewall Panoramic Trail, in Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve.


The Stonewall Panoramic Trail hike starts at the end of Stonewall Road, right off of Claremont Avenue. I always love the peek afforded of the majestic hotel, framed by trees, as I walk up the road to the trail head.


The trail is particularly beautiful this time of year; the grass is almost technicolor after the rain.


And, although steep, it is worth it; at each bend, another view is offered. Here, through the eucalyptus, you can just see U.C. Berkeley’s Campanile in the valley below.


I always manage to get myself out of the house at the last possible moment. Fortunately, this means that often, I hit the trail just as the sun is beginning to set. I love the rosy glow on the hillside reflecting off all the homes.


Then, as the trail nears the peak, a lookout spot is carved out, with a bench offering a sweeping view of the San Francisco bay.


The view helps me forget how strenuous the hike is and ensures that I will return soon.


What about you? Where is your favorite place to hike?


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