Quest for the Best: Cotton Underwear

I have been wearing Victoria’s Secret cotton bikinis and high leg briefs  since I was 16 years old.

Each year I would look forward to the new patterns and prints, and would stock up during one of their 5 for $25 sales.

A few years ago, however, I noticed that the underwear was no longer as comfortable. I thought maybe my body had changed, so I bought a larger size, and then an even larger size – but to no avail. Then I discovered that I was not alone. Victoria’s Secret had changed the cut and quality of their underwear.

I hung onto my beloved briefs as long as I could, but a few months ago I realized that almost every pair was in tatters. It was time for a quest.


I scoured other online threads about the topic, and narrowed my search to 3 bikinis, all nearly 100% cotton, and all under $10 per pair.

First, I tried French Dressing’s it se bit se bikini.


At $19.50 for a 6-pack, this underwear was by far the cheapest. Unfortunately, it was also by far the most uncomfortable. Just like the new Victoria’s Secret underwear, the it se bit se bikini felt too tight – the bridge between the front and back panel was too short. The fabric felt flimsy, and it had a tendency to ride up.

Next I tried the low rise bikini from Gap Body.


These worked out for about a week. Then I hit the subways in NY in July, and ran into the same problem as with it se bit se.

Finally, I tried the Staycool bikini from Jockey.


Friends – if you are looking for a replacement for your old cotton Victoria’s Secret bikinis or briefs, look no further. The Jockey bikini fits almost exactly the same. At $8.50 each, they run a bit more pricey, but are worth it. Compared with the Gap Body, it se bit se, and the new Victoria’s Secret bikinis, these feel more sturdy, and they stay in place. No more need to get your panties in a knot!

What about you? What is your favorite cotton underwear?


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  1. I use to buy it se bit se at Costco and loved them so much! They’re my favorite. As of recently they started to wear so I needed to buy new ones. I just ordered them, but I have been hearing and reading that the quality is not as good as they use to. Hope the shipment I ordered does not perform badly. It’s so hard to find good quality OR let alone cotton underwear nowadays. Company’s have been making polyester underwear more because it’s cheaper but dam they are so itchy! Anyways if it se bit se ends up sucking I’ll make sure to try jockey. Best of panty luck!

  2. You wrote this article some years back. Does it still hold true today or have you found something else you like better now? Thanks!

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