5 Items I Wish I’d Put On My Registry

When my husband and I got married, we felt we didn’t need more stuff. We’d cobbled a home together from our prior living spaces, and, as a result, we had duplicates of many things (case in point: up until very recently, we had two dining room tables). So, we encouraged our guests to donate to a few organizations we cared deeply about. But, we also listed a few items on a traditional registry – and I’m glad we did. Here are the top three items I am grateful for, and 5 items I wish we had added.

Top Three Items I Am Grateful For:

1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Pan. This was the very first item I put on our registry. I had read about it in this New York Times article, years prior, and had bookmarked the article, knowing that I wouldn’t splurge on it for myself.  I use it several times a week for sauces, stir fries, pancakes…you name it. It is a little bit heavy, but it cooks perfectly and cleans easily. No more eggs sticking to the pan!

le-creuset-pan2. Somewhat relatedly, we asked for this Le Creuset 2-in-1 pot and pan. It’s nice to have a smaller pan for making fried eggs and omelette, and the pot is perfect for poaching eggs and cooking grains. We use it multiple times a day.


3. Cloth Napkins. Because otherwise, we would literally be using paper towels. Cloth napkins are much better for the environment, are softer, and they look nice at the table. We picked some out from Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization that supports artisans worldwide.

5 Items I Wish We Had Added:

1. Dinnerware. When we got married, we had two sets of small and large blue Ikea plates and bowls. Sure, some of them were chipped! But, we figured we didn’t need anything fancy. That, for the most part, has been true. But, come Thanksgiving or Easter, or even a small dinner party, I have been craving something a little more…classy. We finally caved and bought some simple white plates and bowls a few weekends ago, and are over the moon. We figure they will hold up over time, and they nicely showcase your meal. We have even been eating off them for non-fancy occasions!


2. Serveware. Up until recently, we have been serving food straight out of the pot or pan we prepared it in. But, again, during a more formal meal, that hasn’t quite been cutting it. Serving off of a lovely plate or bowl has really helped a meal feel special. We recently purchased two of these platters.

3. Towels. We have a linen closet full of towels. BUT they are old hand-me-downs. We don’t mind! They are, however, giving me pause when I hand one over to a guest. Still haven’t purchased new ones yet. I am eyeing these


4. Luggage. We love to travel. After a wheel popped off the suitcase I’d lugged all over the world for the past 15 years, I wish I had registered for a high quality suitcase. I ended up treating myself to this one, because I like to be able to fit everything into a rolling carryon.


5. Artwork. We actually put some prints on our registry, but they tragically got lost in the mail. We definitely could use more art in our home, and are constantly on the hunt. Maybe something from Etsy to support independent artists? A representation of a favorite place? Currently, I am drooling over these paintings, which are both, from Kanna Aoki


What about you? What did you / would you put on your registry?

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