A Perfect Travel Purse

Just prior to the last time I traveled abroad, I went on a hunt for a purse.

Nothing was wrong with my old purse; I just wanted something that was a bit more compact. I also liked the idea of a cross-body strap (to prevent snatching). Enter: Overland Equipment’s Hadley Shoulder Bag.


The bag is perfect. It’s cross-body and compact, as I wanted. It can also fit a ton of stuff – but not too much that you can’t find anything! With my old purse, I was constantly fishing for my keys, metro card, a pen. This purse keeps everything organized and close at hand. I especially appreciate the secret pocket on the back of the purse that is just the right size for my phone. Now I can snap a photo and slide the phone back into my purse seamlessly.


As an added bonus, the purse can be converted into a clutch, which particularly came in handy at the wedding I was attending. Now I use the purse not only for travel but also for daily errands (either on it’s own, or tossed into my backpack or gym bag, like a wallet).


How about you? Do you have a favorite purse for travel (or for the day to day)? How about a favorite suitcase?

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