Snacks On A Plane!

With my trip coming up so soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about packing.

One item I’m always sure to bring, no matter where I’m traveling, is a snack to eat. I know many airlines serve free meals, but (call me paranoid) I’m always a little wary of food served on an airplane. And, many airlines are starting to charge for their meals. Especially as a vegetarian, it can be tricky to find healthy options in the airport and when I disembark, so I bring a little something to tide me over. Here are my top five favorite airplane snacks.

1. Hardboiled Eggs. They’re portable, they’re filling, they aren’t messy, and they’re a nearly perfect food.

2. Babybel Cheese. These little mild cheeses come wrapped in wax, so can keep outside of the refrigerator for a bit. Like hardboiled eggs, they are portable, mess free, and offer a nice dose of protein.

3. Fruit. Airplanes can quickly make you dehydrated, so I always like to bring something fresh to eat. Apples and grapes are great options, but it can also be fun to bring a little of whatever else might be in season. This time of year, I’m looking at you, blueberries and cherries.

4. If I’m feeling really ambitious, and / or am traveling a long distance, I’ll bring a small meal. A little spinach and cheese ravioli usually does the trick. Sometimes, I’ll make a Kale Salad. Instant oatmeal packets make for a nice breakfast, with a little boiling water.

5. Chocolate. A square or two of dark is my preference, but lately I’ve also been grabbing for handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds.

How about you? Do you bring snacks on a plane?


P.S. Five Items To Keep in Your Refrigerator and Drinks On A Plane (via A Cup of Jo)

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