Greetings from Positano, which has stolen my heart! After a plane and three busses (hugging cliff sides, barreling down narrow and sinuous streets), we disembarked at Via Fornillo, to this view


I have never been to a place before that has imbued me with so much joy. Maybe it’s because I am a softie when it comes to a good ocean view, and Positano is brimming with them. Or maybe it’s because I love to wander down cobblestoned alleyways, and Positano is composed of them. Or maybe it’s because of the warm weather, gracious attitudes, or delicious pizza…

Regardless, walking around Positano, I feel like I’m filled with sunshine – like I’m constantly inhaling jasmine.


More on this lovely place soon.

In the mean time, we are taking a ferry over to Capri. Fingers crossed for some authentic insalata Caprese…

Ciao for now!


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