Poised for Adventure: India

It’s official: We are going to India.

We have friends getting married in Bangalore, and I have been on the fence about whether or not to go, for months.

On the one hand, attending a wedding in India seems like a once in a lifetime adventure – shopping for a sari and getting henna tattoo with the bride, sampling vegetarian feasts, exploring temples and markets…On the other hand, my lonely planet guidebook has warned me about food contamination, dengue fever, and rabid monkeys!

After assurance from our friends, I bit the bullet, and bought my ticket very last minute. Our visas went through last week, we got our vaccinations Friday, and we head out on Tuesday!

We will be flying through Hong Kong both ways. Any tips for what to see / do / eat in Bangalore or Hong Kong? I hope to return with stories and pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Spices for sale in Bangalore. Photo by: Matt Logelin

Spices for sale in Bangalore. Photo by: Matt Logelin

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